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Elite: Dangerous video shows a player's amazing smuggling run

There's a problem with the prevalence of YouTube videos and Twitch streams. Back before we had access to millennia worth of video footage, we could convince ourselves that we were competent at games—maybe even good. Now such pretence is inevitably blown away. I was pretty proud of my Elite: Dangerous docking prowess. Then I saw this: a story of smuggling, silent running, and an amazing flight assist-less docking.

The problem "Isinona" faces is that, in Federation systems, illegally gotten goods are severely punished. Get caught in one of the frequent ship scans and you'll not make it to dock—at least, not as anything other than shrapnel. To combat that, and fly directly into a Federation port, the player needs to reduce heat and only make the tiniest of engine movements. By turning the flight assist off, they're able to drift towards the open station.

It's cool, and more, an example of the versatility of styles already present in the game. There's a long way to go before Elite: Dangerous is done, but the promise it shows is undeniable.

The same player also released a longer video of space-piracy, showing a similar display of space-based prowess.

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Phil Savage
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