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How to make the most of the FIFA 21 web app

FIFA 21 web app
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What can you do on the FIFA 21 web app? The next iteration of EA virtual football may not officially kick off until October 6 for Ultimate and Champions Edition holders and October 9 for everyone else, but there's plenty you can do to prepare in the meantime. If you played FIFA 20 regularly, you may even have a few packs waiting in your inventory already.

From completing SBCs to checking on your transfer list, the FIFA 21 companion app is useful for when you want to do some FIFA-related chores without actually launching the game. It's especially useful right now so you can get a head start on making some Coins, and building your team before the game actually releases. When it comes to Ultimate Team, you need all the extra Coins you can get, so let's go over a few things you can do with the FIFA 21 web app.

How does the FIFA 21 web app work?

There's a lot of admin work to be done in FIFA Ultimate Team and the FIFA 21 web app is perfect for building a squad, shopping on the transfer market, and completing SBCs. You can even open packs using the app, but sadly it's nowhere near as fun to watch. The web app can do most things, apart from actually letting you play matches, so it's good to have it open in a tab on your PC, or download the app on your phone for when the sofa is just too comfortable.

What can you do in the FIFA 21 web app?

Build your dream team

Building a squad takes a lot of time and consideration. As you construct your hybrid team of all-stars,, you'll be spending a lot of time tweaking your active squad. You can adjust your formation, and use the Squad Builder to help you fill any gaps. One of the most useful Squad Builder features is the option to filter by concept players. This means that you can draft your dream targets and check that they'll work well in your proposed build before actually buying them.   

Don't forget that you also need subs, reserves, and a manager to round out your squad. It's also a good idea to keep an eye on your team's rating and chemistry stats. Red links between players aren't ideal so try to aim as close to 100 chemistry as possible.

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Make bank

If you're serious about building a solid squad, you need Coins to buy players. Making money by buying and selling players can become a fun challenge all on its own, but it's tiresome having to launch the game every time you want to check on your transfers. Most listings are active for an hour, but they can last up to three days. That is, unless someone snaps up your player for their 'buy it now' price. Either way, it's a good idea to check the state of the market before selling anyone to ensure you're pricing them just right. 

I've had more luck using the web app to win players than bidding in-game in the past. There's nothing worse than seeing an absolute bargain price tag on a card you're desperate for, but being too slow to react. If an auction is coming to a close, new bids will add extra time to the clock to give everyone a fair chance, but I find the app to be more reliable at not locking you out at important moments.

Browse objectives and season progress

Each season introduces new challenges which grant players, packs, and Coins if you play regularly. You earn XP by completing objectives, and these can range from scoring goals in friendlies to performing specific skills during matches. Early objectives are easy to work through quickly, and you can take a peek at the rewards for the entire season. As more of the FIFA community joins the game, you'll also collectively reach milestones that reward untradeable vanity items like badges. Some of the player rewards let you choose between a few players to give you a better chance of picking someone who'll slot into your team, although I've got my eye on the fancy leopard-print Gold Rare ball that can be unlocked at Level 10. 

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Lust over new cards 

Team of the Week adds new 'In Form' cards for the players that performed the best in real games the week prior. These cards look different to regular gold, silver, and bronze cards, and they'll have better stats, too. Naturally, these cards will cost big bucks if you can find them on the transfer market. However, you can drool over them in the web app and cross your fingers that you'll pack that 88-rated Luis Suárez card when you open your next set of rewards.    

Work on SBCs

Squad Building Challenges are a great way to earn rewards, and the early ones are quite straightforward. In the opening weeks, hold on to cheaper players that don't fit into your active squad, and save them for SBCs. These challenges are also a means of discarding untradeable players in exchange for someone better (hopefully). You can try to complete each challenge yourself, or check out sites like FUTBIN where others often post their squads.

Customise your stadium 

When bringing the beautiful game home, you need to do it in style. You can find the perfect setting for your upcoming victories by choosing by choosing the perfect stadium, and even crowd chants. Just like anything in a FIFA game, these come at a price, of course. Ahead of matches you can also choose your club badge, player celebrations, and kits. 

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 Check out the competition

It's always nice to keep one eye on what your buddies and fellow FIFA players are up to. You can take a cheeky look at the leaderboards to see others' match earnings, and their overall club value. One stat I always get hooked on is transfer profit. In the opening weeks I'm determined to make as many Coins as possible, so watching my transfer profit steadily climb past my friends is always satisfying.  

Open packs

Regardless of the  Coin fortune you've amassed, you don't have to launch the game to spend them. The store tab in the web app lets you buy and open packs, if you want. As I mentioned earlier, the pack opening ceremony is far more exciting in-game—everyone loves to see those shiny golden boards as you speed down that virtual corridor—but it's your choice.

Quick Sell Recovery

Sometimes we can be a bit hasty and hit Quick Sell when we don't mean to. Thankfully, you don't have to worry about losing your cards forever. The FIFA 21 web app lets you recover player items that you've quick-sold over the past seven days, and adds them back to your club.