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EA deactivates Failbetter's Dragon Age game The Last Court

(Image credit: EA)

The Dragon Age Keep was designed to allow players to create a world-state for importing into Dragon Age: Inquisition, since saves from the previous games couldn't be brought over. As a nice bonus, in 2014 Failbetter were commissioned to create The Last Court, an entire browser-based text game in the vein of Fallen London that could be played in the Keep, and which would unlock bonuses in Inquisition if finished.

The Last Court cast players as the Marquis of Serault, ruler of a corner of the kingdom of Orlais, given a week to prepare for a visit by Divine Justinia V. Affairs of court needed to be managed, trophies won, and NPCs recruited to fill important positions like Counsellor, Accomplice, Bodyguard, and Lover. 

As of November 17, The Last Court has been deactivated. Presumably the Dragon Age Keep is due for a refresh in advance of Dragon Age 4, but it would have been nice if The Last Court had been kept around for those who enjoyed it, or never got around to playing it. Fortunately, before it was taken offline a group of fans dedicated themselves to preserving it by screenshotting as many pages as they could. Given that The Last Court had a time-management requirement, and had to be played over the course of seven real-world days, that's not easy as it sounds. Co-ordinating on the BioWare Social Network forum and Reddit, they now have a Google Drive full of screenshots and a plan to collate them on the Dragon Age wiki. Fingers crossed they managed to grab the entire thing.

According to a note on the Dragon Age Keep, "If you have not completed The Last Court and wish to gain access to the war table missions in Dragon Age: Inquisition that unlock the Boon of the Serault Glasswork, you can do so via the Career section of the Dragon Age Keep." So that's something. 

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