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CCP still crazy, EVE Online devs to duel in chessboxing showdown

ccp is crazy

We like CCP. We like knowing that a team of madmen in Iceland make a game that embodies the do-anything openness that we associate with the PC. Next weekend at EVE Online's annual Fanfest convention in Reykjavík, two of CCP's most daring devs are going to fight one another. Then they'll play chess. Then they'll box a little. Then one of them might move a pawn. It's called chessboxing , and if you think it sounds unexciting, you haven't watched CCP's sizzle reel for the event.

Björn "Left Rook" Jónsson and Daniel "Pretty Boy" Þórarinsson are both 3D artists at CCP. Check the official event listing here , or book a last-minute trip to next weekend's Fanfest here .

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