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Yikes, Call of Duty: Warzone's infinite stim glitch is back to ruin your day

Warzone players off to shoot someone.
(Image credit: Activision)

If you're planning on hopping into Call of Duty: Warzone tonight, consider sitting this one out. Just over a month after Infinity Ward fixed a widespread exploit that allowed anyone to cheat their way to victory, it looks like the infinite stim glitch is back.

The exploit revolves around the stim tactical item that can be equipped in loadouts or found in crates across Verdansk. Usually, the item is a one-time-use injection to instantly restore health. When this exploit is triggered, players can keep injecting the stim indefinitely, restoring health rapidly enough that they can survive outside the circle forever.  You can see it in action in the clip below.

Source: MarleyThirteen on Reddit

Yeah, that's a huge problem. With the glitch active, you don't have have to engage with the enemy. All you have to do is stay outside of the circle long enough for it to close completely and kill legitimate players. An empty, but assured victory for those with a dusty chunk of coal where a heart should be.

It's not entirely clear when the exploit became possible again, but it could be linked to Warzone's regularly-scheduled playlist patch earlier this week that removed Plunder Trios and added Plunder: Blood Money. Assuming the new exploit method is similar to the old method, then it's not even a difficult trick to pull off. It only takes one person among 150 to ruin the match for everyone.

Last time, the infinite stim glitch only plagued Warzone for a few days before Infinity Ward got a fix in. I would hope that past experience with the issue means that it can get patched even faster this time around. The clip above is just one of several posts from the past two days showing that cheaters are at it again. It's not unheard of in frequently-updated service games for old bugs to reemerge. In Rainbow Six Siege, one operator was disabled twice to repeatedly patch an exploit that made her an unstoppable nuisance.

It's never a dull day when it comes to nefarious Warzone shenanigans. We've written in the past about Warzone's cheating problem and Infinity Ward's struggles to keep up with emerging third-party cheating software. Now and then players also find a way to dive under the map and shoot people from below. 

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