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Blizzard reveals two new World of Warcraft mounts for BlizzCon ticket holders

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As always, live and virtual attendees of this year's BlizzCon will be given a number of different digital goodies from Blizzard's biggest and best games. (Which, let's be fair, is pretty much all of them.) Two of them, you can pick up right now with the purchase of a virtual ticket: A swanky pair of two-person mounts for World of Warcraft.

Behold the magnificent men in their flying machines!

On the Alliance side, you've got the Stormwind Skychaser, a majestic-looking boat with propellers and a throne. For the Horde, it's the Orgrimmar Interceptor, a fire-spitting contraption that's half-zeppelin and half low-budget Voltron Lion. Each of them will bear two players aloft simultaneously, and both appear to pack a punch. 

Blizzard revealed the new mounts in a BlizzCon 2017 pre-show stream that you can catch up with on Twitch. To get the mounts, you'll need to get a virtual ticket at—tickets this year include access to live coverage from all stages and all on-demand replays, access to the BlizzCon "All-Access Channel," weekly pre-BlizzCon videos, and more.