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Blade Symphony update to add control point capture mode

Blade Symphony

Blade Symphony developer Puny Human plan to slice up their game, only to stitch it back together with a new mode attached. The "Control Point Update" is due out later this week, and will add a team-based capture mode to the duelling sword-'em-up. The update is detailed in a new video.

The new mode works much like Battlefield's ticket system. You'll lose tickets if the opposing team holds more points, or if someone on your team is killed. The first team to shed all their tickets will lose the match.

Three control point maps will be released, with one, Sequence, requiring points be captured sequentially. Players will also be able to create their own maps.

Puny Human says the mode is being treated like a new game unto itself, with different fighting balance than that found in the standard duel mode. Fights are designed to be faster, and all attacks will do 50% more damage.

It sounds like a fun aside to the main meat of duelling. I doubt control point will become the community's main mode, but as a free addition, it should nicely bolster the options of an already great game.

Phil Savage
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