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BioWare's Mass Effect Comic Con panel is now on YouTube

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A full-length recording of BioWare's Mass Effect panel at Comic-Con has been turned loose on YouTube. "Charting a Course: Developing the Next Mass Effect" doesn't reveal anything we didn't already know , but die-hard fans with 30 minutes to spare will probably want to check it out anyway.

Despite its half-hour running time, the video isn't a massive info-dump by any stretch of the imagination. As Mike Gamble puts it in the introduction, BioWare wants to share information with its fans but "we're years from being able to say, 'This is the exact game we're making.'" The Q&A that takes up the final two-thirds of the video is a bit flat for that reason too, and in fact the moderator almost immediately warns people to stay away from story-related questions because they can't be answered.

A few tidbits do make it through, though: Gamble said the game will feature "new races" and promised that the female casual outfits will be more in line with the male character's this time around. The highlight, though, has to be the crowd reaction to the news that the Mako is returning: It seems the old off-roader is a lot more popular than BioWare expected.

Andy Chalk
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