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Beyond Skyrim - Bruma mod is enormous and out now

You might remember the frosty city of Bruma from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, where, like the rest of the country of Cyrodiil at that time, its main order of business was the presence of all those pesky hell portals popping up all over the place. Thanks to Beyond Skyrim - Bruma, a massive Skyrim mod that releases today, you can now revisit Bruma and its surroundings some 200 years later, to a time when returning dragons are one of the main talking points.

As Chris mentioned last month, Beyond Skyrim - Bruma is the first part of the Beyond Skyrim - Cyrodiil project, which aims to recreate all of Oblivion's Cyrodiil inside Skyrim, while moving the time period forward so that it's contemporaneous with the fifth Elder Scrolls. Version 1.0 of Bruma, out today, is a mod bigger than Bethesda's official Dragonborn DLC, boasting the city of Bruma and its surroundings, along with piles of new quests, three hours of original music, 24,000 lines of voice-over, and the ability to cross the border into Cyrodiil with your current character intact. It's really, really big, in other words.

You'll need Skyrim and all three expansion packs to play Bruma, or alternatively Skyrim's Legendary Edition, and you'll find comprehensive installation instructions on the mod's Nexus page.