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The best Minecraft castle ideas

Minecraft castle ideas
(Image credit: Stevler)
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(Image credit: Mojang)

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If you're looking for Minecraft castle ideas to inspire your creativity, we've got everything you need right here. We've collected a handful of blueprints and tutorials that break down designs layer by layer making them super easy to follow. But, if want to avoid the stress of building we've also suggested some Minecraft castle map downloads to get your inspiration flowing.

It's a tad daunting building something so grand in Mojang's blocky world, but it's more than worth it. The feeling when you step back from all that hard work is incredible, and surveying your kingdom from the highest roof of a fortress feels amazing. If you're not keen on the dizzying heights that a castle will bring, consider dabbling in the simplest of Minecraft house ideas or build a lavish Minecraft mansion first.

You'll find the best selection of Minecraft castles below, and we've chosen a broad range of different styles to fit a range of interests. Right, where did I leave my crown?

How to build a castle

How to build a Minecraft castle

This castle tutorial by Stevler is a great example of a Minecraft castle that looks intricate, but is easy to build. Castles can easily end up looking like a boring square stone box, but Stevler's Medieval Minecraft castle build has a lot of clever design choices. There are towers, bridges, look outs, a stone keep, different levels—just everything you would want in a castle. 

Minecraft small castle

(Image credit: Louisdepoui / Grabcraft)

Grabcraft is a great website for finding Minecraft castle blueprints, and it has a range of small, medium, and large castle designs for you to choose from. We like Louisdepoui's small castle blueprint because it's simple to follow and uses minimum resources.  Use the slider under the image to follow the design layer by layer.

Minecraft simple castle

This Minecraft tutorial by Mr.Smoose  is a super easy build for a classic medieval castle. Even though there are lots of intricacies to this build, it's all laid out in an easy to follow video and when you're done you'll have a majestic four-tower castle with plenty of space inside.

Minecraft medieval castle

(Image credit: Jeracraft)

What makes Jeracraft's Minecraft castle blueprints different from other builds is the interior. It might seem intimidating with 30 layers, but the details inside those stone walls will make you feel like royalty. Lots of Minecraft castles have huge, empty interiors, but this build has stairs, different floors, and a variety of rooms that are just waiting to be decorated.

Castle ideas

Minecraft castle ideas

If you're not up for stressing over blueprints and block placements here are some epic Minecraft castles you can download and explore hassle-free.  If you're looking for some inspiration for your next project, you'll find a collection of the best Minecraft castle ideas below. 

Falcon's Rock

(Image credit: Mojang)

What if instead of one castle, you could own nine castles in one? Falcon’s Rock, a recreation of Medieval era Germany, offers you the chance to do just that, providing a single ‘castle’ which is actually made up of nine castles, seven villages, one city, and a monastery all inside one larger castle. It is a huge feat of Medieval architecture and is a sight not to be missed. You can jump straight into this Minecraft castle by downloading it from the build's page. 


(Image credit: TomatoN)

Regrenita by TomatoN is great example of a perfect Minecraft castle. It's pure fantasy mixed with royalty and nothing makes a castle better than two dragons. The giant wall that encases the castle is also a lovely touch.

Steampunk Castle

(Image credit: Mojang)

The Steampunk Castle is a bit different, but since it still has castle in the name, we're counting it. Along with the impressive frontage of the structure, there's lots to do inside. Secrets are scattered everywhere, and there's even a narrative to follow. 

Castle and Gladiator Arena

(Image credit: Mojang)

This castle is the one to rule them all. Not only do you have the castle, plus the sizeable grounds it is set within, and plenty more. The arena is a great place to settle old scores, the church is there for all your confessional needs, and there's even a huge tree with oodles of treehouse potential. The Castle And Gladiator Arena has everything you could want from a Minecraft castle.