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Arma 3's Bootcamp update now live, promises to train you in the art of war

For those not familiar with its particular brand of simulation, Arma 3 can be a daunting thing to approach. Don't let our recent, barely competent shenanigans fool you; there's a deep vein of realism at the heart of Bohemia's shooter and, with it, a level of complexity that can be difficult to parse. Hope comes in the form of the just released Bootcamp update. More than just a tutorial, it's designed to teach you the underlying principles powering the game. And all without R. Lee Ermey screaming in your face.

The trailer's description explains what to expect:

"Arma 3 Bootcamp challenges you to learn about the basic game mechanics of Arma 3. Extend your training via the singleplayer mini-campaign or multiplayer bootcamp scenario, practice combat procedures in a Virtual Reality training environment, and browse through Arma 3's extensive weapons and gear library with the Virtual Arsenal viewer."

Taking the form of a series of VR training modules, and a 'campaign' mode that acts as both tutorial and a prequel to the campaign proper, the update introduces and explains a bunch of concepts – including stuff like material penetration or placeable deployment. I'm yet to investigate the full thing, but hopefully "flying helicopters without killing your entire squad" will also be covered.

You'll find the Bootcamp in Arma 3 right now, under the expanded 'Learn' menu.

Phil Savage
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