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ArenaNet hiring designer for Guild Wars 2 "raid content"

Guild Wars 2 crowd

"Do you have passion and experience for creating repeatable epic game play experiences?" I don't, but I could go in for playing some repeatable epic game play experiences, should they crop up. It's likely some are planned for Guild Wars 2, if the job listing responsible for the opening quote is anything to go by. It's for a "Raid Content" designer, suggesting that raids could be on the roadmap for ArenaNet's MMO.

"ArenaNet is looking for a Game Designer to work on some exciting content and features," the job listing continues, before going on to talk about boring employment specifics. Here's a thing, though: one of the "desirable" features mentions previous experience creating "large scale bosses and encounters, repeatable group content for a live game, large scale rewards systems, combat systems for multiple players."

Guild Wars 2 already has some large scale bosses, but even the toughest are more tests of organisation and endurance, rather than skill. Raids could be an exciting direction for the game to take—assuming they worked. Implementing difficult, large scale raids in an MMO that doesn't adhere to the typical "Trinity" combat system must be an interesting challenge. The question is whether they mean traditional 40-person raiding, or bosses like GW2's previous Twisted Marionette.

Further confirmation comes via a couple of forum posts by ArenaNet's Chris Whiteside, who makes multiple references to "Guild Raids". "I can’t wait to talk about raids with you," he writes. "It will be a phase soon!"

Thanks, PCGamesN.

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