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Apex Legends' new Bangalore skin is crashing the game

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Respawn dropped a new skin in Apex Legends for Bangalore, complete with its own bespoke intro animation. Good luck trying to peep that animation though, because the skin is currently crashing players' games.

The issue was brought to attention on Reddit, with a video showing players getting booted from the lobby as soon as they try to select Bangalore equipped with the Mil-Spec skin. It looks to be an issue with the intro animation itself, with the crashes occurring right as it attempts to play. The video shows the player just getting punted back to the title screen, but others have reported it crashing their game, forcing them to reboot entirely.

the_new_bangalore_skin_crashes_your_game from r/apexlegends

A Respawn employee responded to the Reddit post and said the developer is "working on" a fix. Oddly, it hasn't temporarily pulled the £16/$20 skin down from the store. Instead, a warning screen appears when the game is booted letting players know that there are issues with the skin. The warning also says you can easily load back into the game with the skin equipped following the crash, but it's a frustrating process for a fairly pricey cosmetic.

Apex Legends nabbed the title of Best Ongoing in our 2021 Game of the Year Awards, with our resident Space Mom Natalie Clayton becoming utterly enamoured with the battle royale last year. "Apex is just so much more confident this year, both as a game and as a world," she wrote as part of our awards. "Respawn's storytelling has gone into overdrive, bringing in community artists and animators to help flesh out the world while leaning fully into voice lines and BR downtime to bring the game's cast to life. Apex is a soap opera now, and every new season fleshes out relationships and escalates the drama between our far-future murderbuds."

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