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Apex Legends blasts off to sunny Olympus in Season 7 launch trailer

Farewell, World's Edge. Apex Legends shoots off into Season 7 next week, leaving the volcanic hotbed behind for a picturesque park in the clouds. A launch trailer for the new season takes us on a whirlwind tour of Olympus, gives the game's first vehicle a test drive, and shows off more of Season 7's time-travelling gun mom Horizon.

Olympus, like its heavenly name implies, is a verdant paradise held aloft high in the clouds. We only get a brief look at the overall layout during the cinematic, but it looks like it has multiple sculpted gardens, cleanly divided by plazas and buildings that seem much less "industrial" than the Apex norm. There's also a massive storm orb, mind, so perhaps not all is perfect in paradise.

Those wide avenues and open parks look perfect for Apex Legends' first vehicle. The Trident is a three-seater hover-buggy that'll let you nip around Olympus at speed, both passengers free to fire from their side-seats. It looks fun enough alone, but I'm quietly hoping its arrival is the first step towards the return of Titans in a Respawn game.

Finally, we get a short look at some of new character Horizon's abilities. She seems to be able to conjure an anti-gravity field, suspending multiple foes in the air, while her ult appears to be a black hole that consumes anything nearby.

Season 7: Ascension also introduces Clubs for "finding like-minded players," as well as the usual new battle pass and ranked season rollover. Of course, it also marks Apex Legends' Steam debut, arriving on the platform when the new season rolls in on November 4th.