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And in other PC gaming news...


The word of the day was 'transmogrification'. It's the technique that allowed World of Warcraft high earner The Mogfather to transform the auction house into a fashion boutique , and it's also the process by which Blizzard are hoping to turn Blizzcon 2012 into two games and an expansion pack. Meanwhile, The Darkness 2 demo offers you a taste of what it might be like to transmogrify into a gangster who transmogrifies into a tentacled primaeval monstrosity that transmogrifies people into terrified bits of meat.

Elsewhere in the world of PC gaming, Zynga continued to transform other people's ideas into suspiciously similar-looking games, and the Raspberry Pi mini-computer set out to turn the kids of today into the programmers and computer scientists of tomorrow. All this and more after the jump.

  • Edge explores the allegations of idea theft that Facebook game dev Zynga has incurred over the years.
  • The chaps behind the brilliant Monaco take us through a level from the game.
  • Beefjack track down some corridor-heavy footage of STALKER Online.
  • Mode 7's Paul Taylor writes in-depth about the making of Frozen Synapse over on Gamasutra .
  • have a long talk with Eben Upton, the man behind Raspberry Pi.
  • GAME tell Eurogamer that "a gremlin" removed PC games from their online store.
  • IGN's Keza MacDonald writes about the history of LGBT characters in gaming.
  • With SOPA gone for the time being, RPS investigates other pieces of anti-piracy legislation with similar aims.

If you could transmogrify anything into anything else, what would you transmogrify? I would probably turn myself into a thesaurus.

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