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And in other PC gaming news...

We've all heard about how Mass Effect is trying to be Star Wars, or Star Trek, or just about every other classic sci-fi universe you've ever heard of, but now it seems it's aiming for a new homage. If this reaper vs thresher-maw fight is anything to go by Mass Effect 3 is going to be... Dune! Yep, I take this trailer as conclusive proof that Shepard will actually spend most of ME3 as a desert nomad, trading in mysterious spices and killing people by shouting his name really loud, at least until the inevitable sandworm assault in the final act.

He who controls the PC gaming news controls the universe. I've placed mine inside.

  • VG247 say Modern Warfare 3 made $1 billion dollars in sales in 16 days...
  • ...but Joystiq say Skyrim has overtaken it in the UK charts.
  • IndieGames reveals the Dungeons of Dredmor - Realm of the Diggle Gods expansion.
  • VG247 have a video of the new Star Trek Online opening cutscene, which will go live when the game goes free to play.
  • MCV say that tonight's final of Young Apprentice is going to be about game development, and will feature 'top UK games execs'.

What sci-fi universe do you think Mass Effect most reminds you of readers?