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Activision is not skipping Call of Duty in 2016

Call of Duty zombies

The sky is blue, Half-Life 3 is not out and Call of Duty will get its 13th major instalment later this year. Publisher Activision confirmed the release today during an investor's call, and while we don't know what it's called or whether it'll have zombies, we do know that Infinity Ward will take the reins. The last game Infinity Ward turned in was Ghosts, but the studio is better known for the Modern Warfare sub-series.

There isn't much else to report from the investor's call: World of Warcraft is getting another expansion this year known as Legion, but we already knew that. A proper Destiny sequel is scheduled for 2017, and while studio Bungie has been recruiting for developers specializing in PC, it's yet to be seen whether it will hit our platform.

The last COD instalment, Black Ops 3, was a serviceable but mostly unremarkable entry. "The graphics get a little prettier, the story gets a little darker, and another Call of Duty counts time as we march together toward death," our optimistic reviewer Ian Birnbaum wrote.

It's already looking like a busy 2016 for games: here's our exhaustive list of the most exciting titles set to launch this year.

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