Ubisoft teases Rainbow Six Siege: Operation White Noise and confirms Year Three is coming

Ubisoft has teased a little bit about the fourth and final season of Rainbow Six Siege Year Two, Operation White Noise, which will turn players loose high up in an observation tower in Seoul, South Korea. Perhaps even more importantly, it also confirmed that Rainbow Six Siege Year Three is on the way.   

The details won't be revealed until the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League finals on November 18 and 19, but the year two wrap-up will add two new operators from the 707th Special Mission Battalion, a special forces unit nicknamed White Tiger that was formed to respond to potential terrorist threats to the 1988 Olympics. Also on the way is the second GROM operator—the first, Ela, having joined up in September as part of Operation Blood Orchid. (Poland, you may recall, got hosed by Operation Health earlier this year.) 

Operation White Noise will also add new weapons to the action, and presumably a few new gadgets too, although again, we'll have to wait for the details. What information is available can be had at ubisoft.com, while the Pro League finals and the White Noise details will be livestreamed on Twitch.

Andy Chalk

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