Ubisoft says Assassin's Creed Mirage is only 20–30 hours long

In June, Ubisoft described the map size of Assassin's Creed Mirage as being closer to that of Constantinople in Revelations or Paris in Unity, rather than the sprawling multi-nation maps of more recent Assassin's Creed games. Now, in an interview with French YouTuber Julien Chièze, lead producer Fabian Salomon has said that we'll be able to roll credits on Mirage in 20 to 30 hours (thanks to PCGamesN for the translation).

Discussing the internal playtesting Assassin's Creed Mirage is currently being put through, Salomon said, "the latest playtimes we've received average at around 20–23 hours. That can go up to 25–30 hours for the completionists, and we'll say that those who will be rushing the game will be around 20 hours."

That would bring Mirage in line with the early Assassin's Creed games, which tended to top out around the 40–hour mark at the absolute most, where a completionist run of Odyssey or Valhalla will cost more than 100 of your life's precious hours.

Mirage will be set in Baghdad during the ninth century, and seems like a deliberate attempt to bring the series back to its roots. It's focused on a single city rather than an open world, protagonist Basim is more of a stealth and parkour expert than a warrior, and it's even bringing back bench assassinations. Social stealth and weapons like blow darts seem to be the order of the day. I'm not so sure about all the teleporting, though.

Assassin's Creed Mirage will be out on October 12 via Ubisoft Connect and the Epic Games Store. A release date for the Steam version has yet to be announced. 

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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