Twitch Turbo subscription service removes ads, adds chat tools

Twitch Turbo

Streaming hub has had a lot of success letting gamers watch other gamers play games—it says that " more than 23 million " viewers tune in monthly to watch tournaments, high-profile players, and people falling asleep in their chairs during marathons. It's all free, of course, but those wishing for a little extra can subscribe to the newly launched Twitch Turbo plan which yanks commercials and gives viewers extra chat perks for $9 a month.

Turbo users get a custom icon set and "expanded chat colors" for that special flair. So, instead of saying, "Nice shot," perhaps you can now say, " N i c e shot." Brings me back to my multichromatic Quake III days.

Have a look at Twitch's Turbo page for more info.

Omri Petitte

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