Turn your city into a stage with Cities: Skylines' Concerts expansion

From Mass Transit to Blimpton, Natural Disasters to Snowfall—Cities: Skylines has impressed with its long-term commitment to playful expansions. The latest is of the 'mini' variety, and lets players plan and promote their own city-wide music festivals. 'Concerts', as it's known, is out now. 

Said to grant players control of "every aspect of making their metropolises more musical", the Concerts add-on sees city builders erecting festival ground buildings, pricing their gigs as they best see fit, and supporting their festivities with new laws, budgets, and crowd monetisation options. 

On the Cities: Skylines modding front, changes are afoot, so say Paradox and Colossal Order: "Alongside the mini-expansion, Paradox and Colossal Order are restructuring the content manager tool as a free update to Cities: Skylines. The content manager now makes it much simpler for players to organize, search for and find their favorite mod-assets, so you can spend less time scrolling and more time building."   

Cities: Skylines Concerts is out now for £4.99/$6.99.