Try the demo for action roguelike The Onus Helm

You can't take off your helmet in The Onus Helm, which developer B-Cubed Labs calls an "action adventure game with roguelike elements." The Onus Helm is currently on Kickstarter: its campaign has earned $837 of its $5,500 goal and will run for another 22 days. Luckily, you can already try it yourself via the free demo available on

In The Onus Helm, you wake up in a cursed world wearing the Helm. That's the Helm. As in the Helm that cannot be removed, hence your quest for knowledge of a way to let your hair down. Fight through randomly generated dungeons, collect items, and commiserate with NPCs who also can't remove their Helm. 

As B-Cubed explains on Kickstarter, the demo build contains one randomly generated floor and one boss. Two days ago, it was updated with changes to the difficulty balancing, a boomerang weapon, and a shop that appears somewhere in the level. 

"A wide variety of challenging multi-phase bosses" are planned for the final game, as well as expanded floors with more varied rooms and NPCs. B-Cubed says there will also be a built-in speedrun clock.

The Onus Helm's Kickstarter puts its release around the middle of this year, but its development is at least partly contingent on its Kickstarter results. The good news is that B-Cubed says the game's core is already finished; the Kickstarter is mainly fueling additional assets. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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