Trove: a procedurally generated voxel-based sandbox which - stop me if you've heard this one before

Voxels, eh? Can't live with 'em, can't - no, wait, that's women. What are voxels again? Oh, those little triangley things that are somehow powering the gorgeous Everquest Next . They're also powering the less gorgeous Trove , the next game from Rift and Defiance developers Trion. It's fair to say that this role-playing/crafting/sandbox title is a bit of a departure from their previous games. It's not quite as big a departure from Picroma's Cube World, however, which...well, just look at that strangely similar screenshot up there.

Trove's Big Thing appears to be its Cornerstone feature, your "trans-dimensional home" that will persist across servers/worlds, giving you a place to call lay your hat while you go off on your procedurally generated role-playing adventures. Other than that, this looks like your standard Buildy Smashy Nobody Mention Minecraft game, so if you have room in your life for another one of is another one of those.

You can sign up for the Trove alpha here .

Thanks, RPS .

Tom Sykes

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