Tropical Skyrim mod is like Far Cry with swords

Tropical Skyrim

The frigid fjords of Skyrim constantly remind you that it's cold. Freezing gales howl down from ridges and sweep in fresh flurries of frost, and the arctic air means anything less than a full-blown mammoth pelt wrapped against yourself will probably cause some Seinfeldian shrinkage. It's time for an escape. It's time for a change. It's time for toucans . I can already feel the warmth blasting my face after installing the Tropical Skyrim overhaul to turn the Nords' bleak homeland into a lush jungle sprawl.

The mod not only replaces every environment texture with verdant flora and striking amounts of green and red, it also boosts color saturation and bloom to emphasize the tropical-ness even further. You won't find a trace of Skyrim's original appearance anywhere, except perhaps in the enduring Nordic homestylings of the various townships. Even then, they're surrounded by sand.

Take a look at some more screenshots below, and head over to Skyrim Nexus if you want a Tropical Skyrim for yourself. It's almost too easy to lose yourself in the seas of green rolling off into the distance—until you realize dragons adapt just fine to dripping humidity.

Tropical Skyrim 2

Tropical Skyrim 2

Tropical Skyrim 4

Tropical Skyrim 5

Tropical Skyrim 6

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