Tripwire Interactive headlines the Humble 'Hope for Orphans' Bundle

The new Humble Bundle is all about "Hope for Orphans," which strikes me as kind of an odd name for this particular collection of games. It's got the Second World War, the Vietnam War, the war against zombies, the war against wizards, two hypothetical Third World Wars that seem increasingly inescapable, and to round it all out, a sci-fi puzzle-platformer.   

The $1 entry level includes Rising Storm Game of the Year edition (with all multiplayer content from Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad), Killing Floor, Blackhole, and IL2 Sturmovik 1946. You'll also get the Blackhole soundtrack and ten percent off of a new Humble Monthly subscription. 

Beat the currently $7 average price and you'll also get Killing Floor 2, King's Bounty: Platinum Edition, Homefront: The Revolution, and the Tripwire Soundtrack Pack, which includes music from Red Orchestra 2, Rising Storm, and Killing Floor 1 and 2. 

Last but not least, drop a tenner and you can add Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, Call to Arms, and the Call to Arms: Deluxe Edition upgrade, with the Allied Army DLC, an XP booster, clan tag item, and other related goodies.   

Funds raised by the Humble Hope for Orphans Bundle will support Change 30, an organization that provides "care, life skills coaching, and housing and education resources" to orphans in Russia. It'll be available for purchase until January 23. 

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Andy Chalk

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