Trip launch trailer features art, exploration, all of the colours

Trip is a Kickstarter funded exploration game, built in Unity by the creator of THAT Half-Life 2 mod , Xenon, aka Axel Shokk. There are no enemies to fight, only a world of misshapen creatures dancing to crunchy techno. "It is a game for relaxation, contemplation, observation, and exploration. Much like an art museum, and all the statues & pieces are digital," says Shokk on Trip's Kickstarter page.

Trip available to buy now for £7.29 / $11. If you're tempted by the cartwheel of colours and shapes above you'll find a trailer and lots of screenshots below. Click to enlarge them and then scroll from one to the next really quickly to simulate the experience of crashing into a pastel supernova.

This one was spotted on Robert Yang's blog .

Tom Senior

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