Tribes Universe devs talk character classes and massive PvP

Tribes vengeance

Tribes Universe developers Hi-Rez Studios have been talking recently about their upcoming reboot of the Tribes series. They've revealed more about what the classes in the game will be like, the role vehicles will play and the tech behind the project.

Speaking to Ten Ton Hammer , Erez Goren, Tribes Universe Chief Designer and CEO of Hi-Rez Studios laid out their plans to have "a territory control meta game and a high level of world immersion to ensure that players feel that they are participating in an evolving, persistent world and not just a shooter match," adding that, "Tribes Universe is designed primarily around large-scale PvP. One difference from most typical shooters is that there are more roles to play and all players don't have to be engaged in pure shooting. For example, a player can specialize in transport of other players, focus on defense repairs, or focus on coordinating groups of players in a large scale attack."

Tribes Universe won't restrict players to straightforward 'Healer', 'Tank' or 'DPS' classes, either. "the game is designed around every player being able to do significant damage in addition to support functions. A player can wear heavy armor and shields and be more of a 'tank', or carry more repair devices as an 'Engineer', but there are no defined classes. There is also a lot less healing than is typical in an MMORPG game."

As has been previously announced, there will be vehicles in the game. Erez mentions they will be "an important part of the game", but aren't likely to be forming the brunt of an attack, saying "they will mostly be designed for support functions rather than to be primary damage dealers. Support functions include transport, forward spawn locations, ammo replenishment, stationary defenses, etc."

If you fancy getting an early look at the game, Hi-Rez are currently looking for alpha testers . For more information about the game, check out our post on the Tribes Universe announcement .

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