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Tribes: Ascend to add "single purchase" option

Just as we're all getting used to free-to-play as a payment model, Hi-Rez announce that they're using Tribes: Ascend to trial an entirely new way of purchasing digital entertainment. It's called "buying a game with some money". It'll never catch on.

Hi-Rez's Todd Harris made the announcement on their forum . From February 15, players will be able to buy a Single Purchase Edition of the high-speed online FPS. "This package will unlock all classes, all weapons, and all perks in the current game; everything except the non gameplay affecting items like cosmetics."

"If you enjoy the game as free-to-play, nothing changes," says Harris, noting that all future maps will remain free.

"We'll price it in the ballpark of other PC multiplayer shooters," he adds. "And if you are a Tribes VIP we'll give an additional discount."

Will the prospect of a one-time payment tempt you into spending some money on the game?

Thanks, Gamasutra .

Phil Savage
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