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Tribes: Ascend downloaded 1.2 million times, Hi-Rez's MOBA entering closed beta May 31

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This doesn't mean that Tribes has 1.2 million unique players, mind you, but it's still a heartening stat. I still can't quite believe that a small group of independent developers in Georgia dug up the license to a hardcore, classic PC game, made it free without compromising its spirit or nuances, and are doing this well.

“We see the community expanding primarily through positive word of mouth,” says Todd Harris, COO at Hi-Rez. “Since release we've already recognized seven players who have each individually referred over 500 new people to Tribes: Ascend. The game's success allows us to give back to the community through free DLC updates, tournament events and expansion into new markets in coming months.”

Hi-Rez also mentioned that its MOBA game, Smite , is entering closed beta on May 31. Like Tribes, pre-ordering the game ($20) will grant beta access beginning on that date. Gods! Gods that fight.

Evan Lahti
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