Trials Evolution: Gold Edition gets a demo and a discount

Everybody's been flipping their bikes over Trials Evolution. You need to go head-to-head with your pals at a party, they say. You don't know fun till you've revved through rings of fire, or gone flying over the handlebars into an endless cavern below, they say. If you avoided dropping money on Trials before, envisioning your friends racing ahead of you as your own bike pathetically slid backward down a butter-slicked incline, you can rest easy; Steam's now got a demo version up for the unsure.

The free demo became available today on Trials Evolution: Gold Edition's Steam page , so you have little excuse to not, at the very least, check the thing out. And if you find that you do like it? That maybe you find you are a little slicker on the racecourse than you thought, or maybe that you actually enjoy your bike sputtering as you hilariously fail each challenge? Well, the full version's getting discounted, too. From May 9 to 13, Trials gets 25% off, bringing it down to $15. So go on—have a whirl with the demo, and if you enjoy it, check back Thursday for your discount.