Train Simulator 2014 out today, launch trailer narrated by Sean Bean

I admit it: I rarely understand the impetus behind a live-action trailer. I'd rather watch some gameplay to get a feeling for what the game is really going to be like when I can finally install it and get behind the controls. Then there's this bizarrely excellent launch trailer for Train Simulator 2014 , the new entry to possibly the most niche of all niche PC sims that is out today. And it's narrated by Sean Bean? OK then.

Titled “We Are Rail Fans,” the trailer is more of an ode to the modern-day metrophile, those devoted few who travel and suffer to see and photograph the trains that most of us ignore or curse at. Sean Bean gives the entire thing a raspy gravitas—though I'm quietly impressed that he managed make it to the end of the video without having his character killed off .

If you're already into the entire Train Simulator phenomenon, you likely don't need me telling you that Train Simulator 2014 is out today . Chris had a lot of positive things to say about the alpha build, and it sounds like exactly the kind of zen simulation experience that most games are not.