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TowerFall Ascension gets Steam Workshop support

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Towerfall workshop

Marsh Davies reckoned that TowerFall (opens in new tab) was a bit good when he reviewed it back in 2014 (opens in new tab). It's since been expanded with the 'Dark World' DLC, which added quite a few (opens in new tab) new features to the multiplayer arrow-'em-up. All was relatively quiet on the TowerFall front until a couple of days ago, when developer Matt Thorson added support (opens in new tab) for the Steam Workshop, meaning you can now create your own towers, and share them with your friends/inflict them on your enemies.

You'll need that Dark World expansion to be able to use the level editor, but it's a free update once you have it. To celebrate the occasion, TowerFall is currently 75% off on Steam (opens in new tab) (while Dark World is 33% off).

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