Totally Rated: Towering Resident Evil zombies, DJI’s drones, and the new OnePlus watch

If you're looking to catch up on this week's gaming and tech news, we've got you covered. Our friends at GamesRadar+, Tom's Guide, and TechRadar are here to give you their verdicts on the new Resident Evil Village demo, chat about fancy flying machines, and talk through their first impressions of the OnePlus Watch.

Tom's Guide took to the skies following DJI's announcement of the Air 2S. One of the best things about this drone is that it can record video at 5.4K, and Mike Prospero noted that it has, "a gimbal-mounted 20-megapixel camera with a 1-inch sensor." If you know your stuff about drones, "that’s twice as large as the sensor in the DJI Air 2", which can only record at the 4K resolution.

Capcom recently announced that we'll get to spend up to an hour in the new Resident Evil Village demos next month but, unfortunately for us PC folk, PS4 and PS5 players got an early exclusive look at the Village demo over the weekend. GamesRadar+ hopped in to check it out and Rachel Weber thinks it's a "tantalizing look at what we can expect from the full game."

Resident Evil Village

(Image credit: Capcom)

Capped at just 30 minutes, the demo is quite short but there are lots of clues to find. "You get the chance to run around the village and meet some of the locals—some friendly, some not so much." If you haven't had a chance to try it yet, the multiplatform demo launches at 5 pm PT on May 1 in North America, and 2 am CEST on May 2 in Europe.

In the world of wearable tech, OnePlus has released its first Smartwatch. It's pretty impressive as a first-gen device, and it also has great battery life. David Lumb from TechRadar thinks, "the OnePlus Watch is a great first smartwatch from OnePlus, blowing pricier rivals away in a couple of key areas, with sleek looks and week-long battery life."

Unfortunately, the OnePlus Watch's bespoke operating system, "can’t load more than the preinstalled selection of basic apps, and its companion smartphone app is only available on Android at launch." Kate Kozuch from Tom’s Guide agrees that it's a good watch for its price point, but appreciates its, "user-friendly interface". As you'd expect, its budget price tag does come with a couple of caveats, but it's worth watching out for if you're tired of being late for everything.

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