Total War: Warhammer shows off Empire campaign

Total War Warhammer Balthasar
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The more I see of Total War: Warhammer, the more I'm aware of it sinking its chaotic tendrils into my imagination, corrupting and compelling. It looks smashing, from the delightfully clean lines of its interface to the intricate world map themed to suit the current controlling faction. The latest video is a seven-minute overview of the Empire campaign and the quirks that set the Empire apart from other, greener races.

Where the Greenskins were revealed to be driven by Fightiness, the Empire has Offices—high ranking officials who report directly to Emperor Karl Franz himself (who, by the way, isn't afraid to go trudging about the battlefield). Office-holders confer buffs upon your armies. Assigning ol' Felix von Raukov to the office of Treasurer, for example, boosts tradeable resources and income from buildings by 25%.

In honour of his reassignment, Felix is promptly renamed to, well, whatever you damn well please. Everyone can be renamed with the exception of Legendary Lords to give that large and faceless Empire a personal touch.

The video also reveals a little of Empire progression, which is tied heavily to what you build. Whapping a Rally Field down in Altdorf, say, gives you access to the stat-boosting delights of State Troop Sergeants, Standards and Musicians.

Total War: Warhammer gets deeper and deeper, but you can get the jump on it nearly two months before release at the PC Gamer Weekender in London, you lucky things, you.