Total War: Warhammer is getting a new race and more free DLC

Creative Assembly isn’t quite done with Total War: Warhammer, even though it’s busy working on the sequel. The developer revealed that it has at least two more bits of DLC planned, including a new race pack. 

The first bit of DLC will be free and out soon. “It’s tied to an event later in the summer,” says Creative Assembly, but it isn't aren’t quite ready to spill the beans yet. It will be small, however, and completely free. A new unit might be a possibility.

More exciting is the new race. Again, the developer is keeping their cards close to their chest, and isn’t revealing exactly what race it will be. It’s going to be free as well. 

“No, it’s not Kislev (sorry!), but the New Content team have got some rather unique gameplay mechanics for this new race, and it will come with a small update to the main game and a Free-LC drop. This particular Free-LC will benefit not only main game owners, but also DLC owners too this time.” 

The new race will be out later in the year, before Warhammer 2 launches. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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