Creative Assembly is doing a Total War: Three Kingdoms AMA today

Creative Assembly is hosting an AMA on Reddit today, answering questions on Total War: Three Kingdoms' Records mode and battles. 

Records mode makes Three Kingdoms a bit more historical and a bit less heroic. Leaders and generals are treated like legends in Romance of the Three Kingdoms (and the Romance mode inspired by it), but this alternative mode makes them less like superheroes. If you're looking for a more traditional Total War campaign, this might be more your speed.

Watch the comparison video below to see how the two modes differ.   

The AMA starts at 5 pm GMT/9 am PST and the developers will be around to answer questions for a couple of hours. Creative Assembly won't be discussing other parts of the game, though more AMAs are being planned. In the meantime, read everything we know about Total War: Three Kingdoms.

Check back later for the highlights. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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