Total War Battles: Kingdom now in open beta

Total War Battles Kingdom

Total War Battles: Kingdom—that oddly named, free to play Total War spinoff you're so excited about—is now in open beta. You can grab it on Steam for nuffink, and enjoy a platter of 'mostly negative' reviews while you wait for it to download.

Developed by the team behind tower defencey spin-off Total War Battles: Shogun, Kingdom is a slightly more familiar, cross-platform strategy game, which means you can play it on PC, Mac or Tablets. Well, not yet you can't, but you will be able to when the Mac and Tablet versions roll out later this year. Apparently it offers "rich, bite-sized Total War experiences", which might be something some people want?

If you'd rather not waste your bandwidth, at least not without seeing the game in action, here's the open beta trailer. "Coming soon to tablets" is always a good thing to read about a game that's just come out on PC.

Tom Sykes

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