Torchlight 2 release date drops to July. Xbox port of original caused delay

torchlight 2 mana wastes

Originally scheduled for a Spring release, Torchlight 2 is now due July 2011. Runic Games told Digitial Spy that extra work on the interface for the Xbox port of the original has caused delays, but emphasised that the tweaks will improve the PC experience in the long run: "Having to do the extra work with the [Xbox] interface, has pushed us back a little bit, so we're probably talking July right now for Torchlight II... it's going great, however. We've actually got some optimisations and technical improvements that went into making the Xbox version that we've been able to go back and implement into Torchlight II for PC."

PC Gamer awarded the original Torchlight a whopping 89 percent. Read our extensive making of here .

(via Eurogamer )