Titanfall's next update brings limited-time modes and new burn cards

It must be hard being a robot-riding parkour space marine of the future. It's no longer enough to just kill your enemies; you've got to do it in weird ways. The next Titanfall patch will introduce "Featured Game Modes", which provide limited-time variations on the game's standard objectives. The first of these, "Marked For Death", challenge you to kill a specific enemy player, all while protecting your own VIP-pilot.

In addition, the update brings new Titan Burn Cards. These 14 cards add special Titan weapons and abilities, and are only lost if you die in your Titan. The update will also introduce improved matchmaking, alternate Titan voiceovers, and a selection of other tweaks and improvements.

Head to Respawn's 'Update 4' page to see the planned changes and fixes. The patch is currently listed as "coming soon".

Thanks, PCGamesN .

Phil Savage

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