Titanfall patch adds private match support, fixes bugs

If a Titan falls alone on a battlefield, does it still make a sound? Thursday's Titanfall patch will answer that question, as it adds support for private matches alongside a number of game balance changes, bug fixes and a few small interface tweaks. Private matches, which Respawn says are launching as a beta mode, support 2-12 players facing off in Titanfall's existing game modes.

Private matches won't contribute to XP or achievement or challenge progression, so you won't be cheesing your way through challenges with a rigged private match. Respawn has, however, made the Gen 5 "Gooser" challenge much easier.

Gooser originally required players to kill 50 pilots mid-ejection. The update drops that number to five pilot kills. The rest of Titanfall's balance changes apply to weapons:

  • 40mm Titan cannon magazine reduced from 20 rounds to 12. Extended mag reduced from 25 to 16.
  • Titan quad rocket magazine buffed from 4 rounds to 5 rounds. Extended mag buffed from 5 rounds to 6 rounds. Rapid fire mod mag size increased from 16 to 18. Damage increased to drop a Titan shield with 4 shots.
  • Amped Kraber burn card damage to Titan increased from 100 to 800.

Respawn has also done some important bug fixing on Titanfall's PC version:

  • Mouse buttons can be used for voice chat in lobbies
  • Titanfall will not override Windows microphone volume settings
  • Anti-aliasing modes properly displayed ins ettings menus
  • Smart pistol reticule properly scales with FOV
  • Improved support for SLI and Crossfire

For the rest of the patch notes, including balance tweaks to the Hardpoint and CTF, read Respawn's full patch update .

Wes Fenlon
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