Titanfall 2 introduces six new playable Titans

How many earth-shattering mechanised Titans can you squeeze into a 71-second promotional trailer? Respawn reckons six, which makes up the full cast of new and playable mechs heading to Titanfall 2 at launch come October 28. Showcased in the trailer below, they form a pretty formidable motley crew with each boasting “unique abilities” that allows them to “dominate battle along the Frontier.”  

Legion, for example, has a penchant for defence and control, however also wields a massive railgun so is probably pretty adept in attack. Ronin, on the other hand, channels a samurai style, is quick on its feet and even quicker with its blade. 

Northstar leverages its flying prowess in offence, and specialises in precision kills; while Tone is all about “accurately laying waste to enemies both efficiently and explosively”. Ion is skilled in energy management, shifting power between its three weapons, and, last but not least, Scorch uses fire in both defence and attack.

Here’s some moving pictures of the ‘bots in action: 

“We're really excited to show you more, so make sure to check back over the next couple days as we deliver your first look, including gameplay, of the Titans in Titanfall 2,” reads a blog post on the game’s site, so be sure to check back in the coming days if the above tickles your fancy. 

Titanfall 2 is due October 28, however you can read Sam’s Gamescom interview with art director Joel Emslie over here in the meantime.