Tim Schafer offers a Double Fine adventure update. Donate and get access to the closed beta

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Tim's probably feeling pretty good right now. Double fine set a goal of $400,000 to help fund an upcoming point and click adventure via Kickstarter , but $1,862,568 has already been pledged.

What are Double Fine doing with the excess? Tim says that their upcoming "old school point and click graphic adventure" will now end up "a lot better." It's now confirmed for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and a couple of Android devices. The English version will even get voiced characters.

Backers of the project will be able to use Steam to access the closed beta when it hits. He also mentions that a DRM-free version will become available for those of you who like things a bit more "loosey goosey."

Do you like things a bit more "loosey goosey"? I know I do.