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Having trouble finding every Tighten the Noose intel Warzone location? If so, I've got you covered with a full explanation of each step and where to find the next piece of the puzzle. Tighten the Noose is a seven-step scavenger hunt across Verdansk that tracks the disappearance of Armistice operators. The puzzles aren't too tough this time around, but the journey will take you to a few hotspots that you might need some backup for.

With that in mind, you should decide which intel locations would be easier to tackle in Battle Royale or Plunder. You can find them all in both, but you can only acquire one per match. But don't worry, you'll still get credit for the intel if you leave the match early. Finish the whole mission and you're looking at a nice stack of easy XP.

To get started, head over to the Intel tab in the missions screen on the main menu and look at the first piece of intel for Tighten the Noose.

All Warzone Tighten the Noose Intel locations

Intel 1: Near the Dam

The first clue in the Warzone Tighten the Noose mission is a photograph of the first piece of intel: A coin on a tree stump with a telling view. It's not obvious where the stump is, but it's easy to find once you head southwest on the Dam road until you reach the tunnel entrance.

Climb above the tunnel entrance and you'll quickly find the stump, coin, and pretty view.

Intel 2: Shack east of TV Station

The clue from the tree stump awards a mysterious note with a numerical code (27495810) scratched in at the bottom. Take that code to the shack just east of the TV Station and punch it into the keypad next to the door. Stroll into the room and you'll find the next piece of intel somewhere on the floor (along with some sweet loot, if you're the first visitor).

Intel 3: Downtown Bank

The document recovered from the shack will lead you to the bank in the downtown district (the large square building just south of City Hall). You're looking for an office in the northern corner of the building on the first floor. Once you find it, collect the next piece of intel from the laptop on the desk.

Be careful hot-dropping into Downtown, though, you probably won't be alone.

Intel 4: Outside City Hall

It's too bad you can't collect more than one piece of intel per match, because the next clue is right across the street at City Hall. If you can't find it, you're looking for the distinct arched building at the center of Downtown. You don't have to go inside this time, just head to that exterior arch structure and find the green metal structure.

Here there should be several tables with computers and equipment. The intel is under one of the tables. It should be easy to see once you're close.

Intel 5: Outside Train Station

Next, we get a break from mundane offices by trekking to the Train Station. No need to go inside: Just head outside the station on the south side and look for the burning truck near some green tents. The truck itself will have the prompt to pick up intel, so make sure you get close enough to see it.

Intel 6: Boneyard Bunker

Our final hunt takes us to the most contested area so far: The coded bunker southeast of Boneyard. The scrap of paper found in the burning truck has the code to the bunker that we need: 97264138. Be very careful if you're diving right toward the bunker from the deployment plane, though. The high tier loot in the bunker means you'll very likely have some company. If you're not up to the challenge, you can hide nearby until enemy players leave and then head in.

Once you're in, climb to the end of the bunker and find the office. As you step in and look right, you'll find two monitors that can be interacted with to collect intel. Make sure you collect both.

Tighten the Noose Intel 7: The End (Image credit: Activision)

Intel 7: The End

The spoils of your bunker dive is this final piece of intel, which are readouts on the two terminals. It's not totally clear, but it seems to indicate the activation of missile silos across Verdansk. As we get closer to the promised map tweaks coming after the release of Cold War, prepare to see Infinity Ward's vast battlefield look different soon.

And that's a wrap on the Tighten the Noose intel mission. This one's not quite as challenging as other past scavenger hunts, but it does have a few hot zones to navigate. With the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War only a few weeks away, the current storyline is likely coming to a climax soon.

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