Three cars tumble joyously off a cliff in latest BeamNG physics demo

It's the happy music that really makes this, I think. Check out the latest soft-body physics demo from BeamNG, the guys behind that other vehicle-crashing demonstration . This time, they've got three cars rolling helplessly down a very steep hill, with tires and car doors flying every which-way in the wake.

Glass particles and shattering lights aren't yet implemented in this alpha build, but everything else looks spot-on. You can almost hear the delicious crunch of metal folding, accordion-like, beneath that jaunty soundtrack. And lest you worry that this is more a simulation of bouncy moon physics than anything else, here's a screencap of the mountain featured in the video. Those poor, battered cars.

I'd love to see this make it into a game—additional points if the gameplay is based purely around the crumpling of utility trucks.