This WoW Geoguessr uses 'roughly 3 million images' and I'm still lost

WoW Highmountain Tauren
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Someone call Geoguessr god Trevor Rainbolt because the World of Warcraft version of the game is making me question what I was doing with all those hours in Blizzard's MMO. dropped its WoW Geoguessr and I swear I wasn't this bad at finding my way around Azeroth in-game. The map-based game covers most of WoW's geography, including the planet Draenor and alternate timeline Draenor. One of the creators, TheEdenChild, said the team used specialized tools and "roughly 3,000,000 images" to make it. And they expect Dragonflight to take another million.

The game works just like the real world Geoguessr. You're given a first-person Google street view of the location and have to try to mark it on the map before the timer runs out. If you need more information, you can move around the map too. Points are rewarded for how close you get to the specific coordinates.

As an on-and-off WoW player, you'd think the classic zones would be the easiest to guess—they're where I spent the most time before the game had flying mounts and other fast travel options. But somehow they are still hard for me. Did they move the Caverns of Time? I thought it was at the bottom of Tanaris. It's apparently not, and that error cost me my high score and my WoW Geoguessr speedrunner career. The Barrens, an old early-game questing area, is imprinted in my brain though. I spent so much time there as a new player back in 2006 and the changes to it in the Cataclysm expansion weren't substantial enough to render those memories useless.

WoW Geoguessr

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The expansive zones from the most recent expansions are much harder, but if you know a thing or two about how Blizzard designs environments, you can get fairly close. WoW areas are obviously not as big as real world countries and they often have pockets of NPCs and buildings for quests to help narrow it down. The hardest ones to guess are when you're dropped into the middle of a forest and there aren't even any roads nearby to help pinpoint the exact location.'s WoW Geoguessr isn't the first one to come out. You can also play Where in Warcraft? or watch TikTok user TheVignox demonstrate what it's like to be geographically gifted. Someone will surely get so good at this new WoW Geoguessr that they'll be able to do it using only the ground textures, sort of like Rainbolt did.

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