This Wordle game for movie buffs challenges you to spot the film

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Wordle didn't just give millions of puzzle fans something to do every morning, it also gave hundreds of game makers something cool to imitate. There's lots of great games like Wordle you can play, such as Wordle for music lovers, Wordle for dungeon crawlers, even Wordle for battle royale and CS:GO fans.

But movie buffs might be wondering: Where's my Wordle?

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It's right here. Framed (which bravely dispenses with the tradition of cramming an 'le' into the game name) is a daily movie quiz for film lovers. Each day you're shown a single frame of a film and prompted to guess what movie it's from. 

If you know it, you know it, so unlike Wordle, experienced film fanatics can expect a lot of first-guess wins. Get it wrong and you're shown another frame from the same movie, and then another with each incorrect guess. Movie titles are autofilled (like country guessing game Worldle) so even if you have just part of the title you can find it in the list.

Just like Wordle, you've got six guesses before you're shown the answer. And naturally you can share your results on Twitter.

I'm on a streak right now (3 for 3!) but we'll see if Framed can deliver a few curveballs as it delves deeper into the bottomless vault of Hollywood history. There's a new Framed quiz every day.

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