Heardle is Wordle for music, and it's my favourite spin-off yet

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There are so many variations on the Wordle formula at this point they're all starting to blend into one. There's one for maths, one for naughty words, geography—hell, there's even a goddamn Wordle battle royale. I've largely fallen off the Wordle train at this point, but I could not resist the allure of Heardle where, instead of words, you're guessing music a few seconds at a time.

Just like Wordle, you have six guesses to nail the correct song (thanks, TechRadar). Your first couple guesses will only reveal one second of the song, but will gradually give you an extra two, three, four and five seconds. I managed to get today's song nailed in just the first second, which is helped by the fact it only plucks from the most-streamed songs over the last decade.

I'm a bit of a sucker for music-related puzzles and quizzes. If anyone remembers the music quiz game that used to be on iPod Nanos, I would spend an ungodly amount of time before bed each night being quizzed on my own music library. There's something about knowing a song based off nothing but a beat or a small snippet that feels really satisfying, and Heardle definitely scratches that itch. 

If music isn't your kind of thing though, Wordlelike fiend Chris Livingston has drafted up the 10 best Worlde spin-offs you should be adding to your daily rotation.

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