This new Vampire Survivors mode is going to be the end of me

vampire survivors art
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I've become besotted with Vampire Survivors since I bought it to play on my Steam Deck, but I'm now convinced developer Poncle wants to kill me. It's leaving early access next week, on October 20, and the launch version will include the previously announced Endless mode and the just unveiled Inverse mode. It's the latter that will surely spell my death. 

Inverse is apparently only for the most talented survivors, which I definitely can't count myself among. Though it boosts the amount of gold you'll earn, that doesn't quite make up for the fact that enemy health is increased by a whopping 200%, and those enemies also grow stronger over time. 

I have absolutely no idea what kind of build will be able to handle this, but it certainly isn't one I've come up with. I bet I'll end up being murdered by a plain ol' bat. It's going to be incredibly embarrassing and I fully expect my family to disown me. In my clan, only the best vampire survivors get any love. 

The name of the mode comes from its final quirk: the levels will all be flipped upside down. I think I can probably handle that because I haven't memorised all of their layouts yet. Finally, having a sluggish brain comes in handy!

Also coming with 1.0 is Twitch integration, skins, a new UI, more music tracks and more stuff that Poncle has yet to reveal. After launch, Poncle will also be porting it to a new engine, with an update expected by the end of the year. No need to wait until launch to take it for a spin, though: the early access version is fantastic, and at £4/$5, it's ridiculously good value. 

Fraser Brown
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