Community round-up: giveaways, contests, spotlights, and more

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The PC Gamer forums are a great way to chat about the latest in PC gaming, give advice or ask for help from PC Gamer readers and writers. You can even chat to developers and learn more about their games in our Studio Spotlights. Here's what we've been up to on the forums this month and how you can get involved.

First off, we've got giveaways! If your back and posterior need more loving, you might fancy sitting down on the EPIC Black Edition gaming chair from noblechairs. Head on over to the contest thread to learn how you can win a new throne.

You’ve also got a chance to win an amazing MSI prize pack. It includes the FreeSync curved LED Gaming Monitor, GeForce GTX 1660 GAMING X 6G Video card, Clutch GM50 Mouse, and more! Check out this thread for how to enter. Hurry, you’ve got until February 14th!

Failbetter Games stopped by our community and shared a look behind the scenes. Check out all of the useful tidbits here, including the inspiration behind artwork in the Fallen London Universe and tips on writing impactful game narratives. 

We even had some of our community members make it into a PC Gamer feature article! Mazer969, Sarafan, Zoid, Grindzombie, Frindis, Mr.Vic20, McStabStab, and DelirusRex shared their picks for the games they find most difficult to finish.

Finally, here are some of our favourite threads in January:

@Kamaz shares a game they're working on with the community

From jump scares to zombie rushes, what video game moment horrified you the most?

Some wicked soundtrack recommendations

Hardware heads get into the nitty gritty

We’ve got plenty more on the way, so jump in and introduce yourself!

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