This HyperX microphone and headset bundle is cheaper than ever

Hyper X streaming Starter Pack
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When it comes to gaming and especially streaming, a good headset and microphone combo is an important but often pretty expensive investment. We’re starting to see more companies offer streaming kit setups, where products are bundled together for a hopefully cheaper price. HyperX products have been known to punch above their pricing weight, and their streamer kit is particularly good value at the moment as it debuts in the Australian Market. 

The HyperX Streaming Starter Pack is a bundle including the HyperX Cloud Core gaming headset, and SoloCast USB microphone. We are big fans of all HyperX headsets with some featuring amongst the best gaming headsets you can buy. The Cloud Core headset also boasts DTS headphone X special audio which is supposed to be pretty impressive. So while we haven’t reviewed this exact model included in the pack, we have a bunch of faith that for the price it’ll be a good pick. 

We have reviewed the SoloCast USB microphone, which was a pretty great quality little unit. It doesn’t have a tonne of features, but it's plug and play, and the sound quality is the clear priority of the mic. So for a cheaper price, this focus makes it a dead ringer for more expensive options on the market when it comes to sound quality. The quality of sound out of a mic is hugely important for streamers, especially who talk to their chat. So this pack is actually a pretty excellent budget solution for someone looking to start streaming, as the name suggests. 

HyperX | Streamer Starter Pack | SoloCast USB Microphone | Cloud Core Gaming Headset with DTS | $129.99 $79.99 at BestBuy (save $50)

HyperX | Streamer Starter Pack | SoloCast USB Microphone | Cloud Core Gaming Headset with DTS | $129.99 $79.99 at BestBuy (save $50)
Getting both these products at the usual bundle price is a pretty good deal, so getting them for $50 is excellent. The mic reviewed very well for the pricing especially, and HyperX headsets rarely disappoint. 

For those in the United States, Best Buy is currently having a sale on the streaming kit. It’s down $50 USD from $129 to $79.99. Given the headset is going for $69.99 and the mic is priced at $59.99 standalone, it’s a very good deal. 

Aussies can find the HyperX Streaming Starter Pack at the usual retailers for $179 AUD. I had a look around for some special deals but it seems everywhere is sticking to recommended retail pricing for now. Still, the pack is easily around $60 cheaper than the items by themselves so it’s still nice to see it arrive on our shores, suspiciously in time for HyperXmas. 

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